Difference between Passport and Visa

Difference between Passport and Visa

In this article, we will be learning the difference between Passport and visa and the different types of passports and visas.

If you are heading towards traveling out of your home country and don’t know which documents are needed to take with you. Many people consider a visa and passport the same entity but they are two different documents that are required for international traveling. If you are traveling for the first time you must acknowledge the difference between passport and visa.

Difference between Passport and Visa
Difference between Passport and Visa
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The difference between passport and visa is that a passport is an authorized travel document issued by the Government to its citizen for traveling outside the country. It allows the passport owner to travel to different states and re-enter their state. While a Visa is a certified document that allows a traveler to visit, stay, or leave the country. While a passport is a must when traveling to a foreign country, many states have a Visa-free traveling agreement with other states to allow their citizens visa-free traveling.

Difference between Passport and Visa

The difference between Passport and Visa are numerous and noteworthy:

Passport Visa
A passport is an authorized document allotted by the state.A visa is a certified document that allows its holder entry to different countries.
A passport is a must for traveling to an overseas country.A visa is usually not necessary if the country allows visa-free traveling for the citizens.
A passport is allotted by your home country.A visa is allotted by the embassy demonstrator of an overseas country.
A single passport is enough for different countries’ travel.A single visa is not enough, each destination state requires a different visa.
The validation for a passport is 5 to 10 years.The validation for a visa varies from a few days to weeks, depending on each country’s visa policy.

Difference between Visa and passport photos

Learning the difference between visa and passport photos might be confusing for you. Every country has different requirements, some countries have strict instructions on where should be the pictures taken while others allow you to capture your photos at home. Except for the size of the photographs, the requirements for a passport and visa are almost the same in India.

  • The photo must be clear and colored, no blur image would be accepted.
  • The image size for a visa must be more than 350 pixels in width and length; for a passport picture, it should be 51mm x 51mm.
  • A scanned picture of your present passport would be rejected.
  • The face view should be in the frontal plane.
  • Your photograph should be your whole face from head to chin.
  • In the photograph, your eyes must be open and your mouth closed.
  • The background should be plain and single light colored.
  • The headcovers, caps, and scarf are not allowed except for religious purposes. In the scarf, your hairline and chin must be visible.
  • The facial expressions should be neutral. Avoid smiling and looking away from the focus.
  • Your clothes must be plain.
  • In the visa photo requirement, your ears shoulder, and neck must be visible. While in passport size
  • Avoid using glass because of glare and lights on the glasses your picture would be rejected.

Green card vs passport

Having a green card allows non-US nationals to work and live in the United State legally. After getting the green card you can apply for permanent citizenship after 3 to 5 years. While US passport is completely a different document that is only issued to citizens who are born in the United State. Besides the freedom of living and working in any part of the state, the green card holders can not avail every facility as the US passport holders. A green card holder is not eligible to vote, medical facilities, and social security aids,

What is a passport?

A passport is an official document allotted by the state. A passport is your identity, it contains personal information like name, gender, birth date, birthplace, and address. It is used to identify the holder’s identification. The Indian Navy blue passport is valid for 10 years after that you need to renew that.

Difference between Passport and Visa
Difference between Passport and Visa

Types of passport

There are different types of passports issued by the state.

Regular passport

It is the ordinary passport allotted for almost every citizen.

Service passport

A service passport is for government officials for their work-related travel.

Diplomatic passport

Diplomats accomplish the state mission by going to a foreign state. It is only issued to diplomats and their dependent workers.

Difference between Passport and Visa
Difference between Passport and Visa

Emergency passport

It is provided in emergency situations. These situations are when someone lost their passport or their passport is stolen. In these conditions when someone needs a passport, the state issue an emergency passport.

Family passport

It is a collective travel document for one family. It is allotted when parents are traveling with their younger children.

Collective passport

This kind of passport is allotted for students for a school trip.

What is a Visa

A visa is required permission before traveling to a certain state. It is official permission granted for a passport holder to enter a foreign state. To get a visa first, you need to have a passport, consider making it first and after three months apply for the visa.

Difference between passport and visa
Difference between Passport and Visa

Types of Visa

Different countries allocate different categories of visas to their citizen. Below are some basic types of visas issued by the embassy to visitors.

Transit visa

A transit visa is required when you stay in a country before the actual destination. Its validity is usually five days or more depending upon the rules of the state you are staying in.

Tourist visa

This type of visa is allocated to people who need visas for tourism.

Medical visa

Many people travel to foreign countries for their treatment. And for this, they are given a medical visa to enter a state.

Student visa

As the name suggests, a student is allocated to students for studying in a foreign country.

Business visa

A business visa is issued to the business person for their commercial business trips. The validation of this type of visa is usually up to several months but it mainly depends on the kind of business and the state you are applying to.

Pilgrimage visa

 A pilgrimage visa is issued to people who want to visit holy sites in any country, for example, Hajj.

Immigrant visa

This type of visa is usually issued for people who want permanent citizenship in a foreign state.

Retirement visa

This type of visa allows its holders who are at the age of retirement and want to settle in a foreign country.

Work visa

It is for a worker who is temporarily employed in a foreign state. The duration mainly depends on the duration of the job.

Working holiday visa

It is usually given to an individual who travels for tourism but is working in specific trades.

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