How to become a fashion model

How To Become A Fashion Model

In this article, we will be discussing “How to become a fashion model.” As part of their job, fashion model works with fashion magazines, cosmetics, and clothing brand. There are different categories of models, such as runaway or catwalk, fashion, editorial, plus size, and glamour. Modeling allows you to travel to many places. You can also make a handsome income by pursuing modeling. While there is no age restriction on becoming a fashion model, many agencies ask their models to be at least 16 or above.

10 Tips to Become a Fashion Model

A modeling career requires a prolonged commitment and devotion. If you are someone looking for a full-time modeling career. Checkout following 10 tips to become a fashion model:

1. Give killer poses

Every successful journey requires an initial struggle phase. Once you are sincerely committed, the next step is to pose like a model. To pose a unique image you have to make suitable body and face angles. You can search for model poses on google and Pinterest, practice them in front of a mirror and recreate their looks.

Watching modeling tutorials on youtube while reading fashion eBooks, are a great help in becoming a fashion model. Poses vary with the type of modeling; commercial modeling requires simple and natural poses while fitness modeling requires athletic poses doing pushups, squats, and lunges. Poses for high fashion modeling comes in advertisement and ask for innovative and creative modeling poses. If you wanted to peruse your career as a runaway model then you should create your ramp walk style.

How to become a fashion model
How to become a fashion model

2. Taking care of your looks

In modeling, your look matters but that’s not the only thing that matters. Taking care of your appearance is also crucial. Take care of your hair, hands, feet, nails, and health. It is quite necessary when you are a part model because you have to advertise nail paints, watches, heels, jewelry, and different fashion accessories.

A fashion model has some strict and tough selection unlike any other genre of modeling. Models do follow everyday health care routines including the following: drinking enough water to stay hydrated so that their skin glows, avoiding alcohol and smoking, never going out without an SPF, never sleeping before wearing off the makeup, exercising 4 to 5 days per week, healthy and diet meal plans, taking multivitamins and taking hair treatment.

3. Hire a photographer

To become a fashion model you should hire a photographer who clicks your pictures in daylight. Wear plain clothes that way you can highlight your features the most. Send these photographs to particular agencies to get selected. Take your real pictures, not filtered images.

To get out the best potential of work be comfortable with your photographer, communicate every aspect, and follow his commands. Based on your previous experience start with candid poses then move on to complicated poses.

4. Make a portfolio

To become a fashion model, making a portfolio of your work will help you in many different ways like clients and agencies can access you. So pile your best and professional photographs on your portfolio website. A good portfolio is the first impression on clients and agencies. You can advertise your picture on the website. That is how agencies and clients will approach you. Having a portfolio makes it easy to establish yourself.

5. Find an authentic modeling agencies

Modeling agencies that are legitimate help you find work. Provide your digital and past experience in the industry. To assign by any modeling agencies first you need to send them your digitals. Keep in mind your digital should be images of yourself with little or no makeup. Avoid wearing false lashes, doing extraordinary hairstyles, and extensive contouring or bronzing to enhance your features.

The background of the pictures should be plain. A painted or decorated wall draws away all attention from the main character. Click your close-ups while smiling, right and left side poses. Avoid sending you filtered and blurred images. The agencies want your simple and sleek snapshots.

6. Do Research modeling agency

It is important while signing with any agencies to check if they are legitimate or verified. Inspect any bad reviews and their current campaign with brands. Check out their website to get info about hiring models. After your search, if you find them authentic send your digitals.

Avoid scam

Avoid any scam if they ask you to pay for a shoot, modeling school, or something like that most of the time they are scams. It is the job of agencies to set up shoots and other stuff.

7. Self-promotion:

Besides the help of agencies, you can promote yourself by allowing open calls. Consider moving to a big city with more opportunities. If you are committed to your work take a step to move to big cities like New York or Los Angeles, they are the core of the modeling industry.

8. Grow your social media fan following

Nowadays, to become a fashion model it is necessary to gain popularity on social media. While making a portfolio and sending digital to nearby agencies is important. But the power of social media platforms is undeniable. Agencies outweigh your social media followers and are considerate to sign you. Advertisers assign models for their product promotion. Models who are already established and have huge audiences attract these agencies. While it’s not necessary to have a huge following on social media to become a fashion model. But it is a great element to bring more work.

9. Strength is power

Beauty doesn’t lie in your face it lies in your confidence, how you carry yourself, and how you manage to do things. People usually perceive your body language and tone. You have come across many people who say your ideas and aims are silly. But you have to believe in your dreams. There are many routes you can build your strength like setting daily goals. Strength comes with achievement once you achieve your daily goals you become confident. Being fearless is a key component of strength. Don’t be afraid of rejections, remember success comes after short-term failures. “A rejection is merely a redirection; A course correction to your destiny.”

How to become a fitness model

How to become a fitness model? For that, you should be a fitness freak. Fitness models work for agencies, social media, and ads of brands like Adidas, Puma, Rebook, and Nike. If you are passionate about your physique and love workouts this category of modeling is for you. Like every other modeling industry, the fitness industry has set standards for models. For a female fitness model, the required height is 5’6″ inches and for a male fitness model, it should be above 6 feet. Whether male or female both should be fit and lean.

After fulfilling the requirements, you can access fitness modeling agencies. You can also start making an aesthetic fitness portfolio. Practice your fitness poses and check out renowned fitness model poses on Instagram. Now, you get the approach of how to become a fitness model.

How to become a fashion model
How to become a fashion model

How to become a Myntra model:

In India, everyone wanted to become a Myntra model. Companies like Myntra, Flipkart, and amazon cast models for brand shoots and add the shoots to their websites. The benefits of becoming a Myntra model are that you are getting regular shoots which boost your confidence and improve your body language.

Big companies like Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon hire models through agencies. Then agencies send their model for casting, to get selected you have to crack the casting. Casting depends on two fundamentals that are poses and body language. It requires very straightforward poses. You are posing for brands, not yourself and they want their apparel to look presentable. Hope so this gives you the basics of how to become a Myntra model.

How to become Victoria’s Secret model

Victoria’s Secret model is a brand that everyone wants to work with and wanted to know how to become Victoria’s Secret model. To become a Victoria’s Secret model you have to be familiar with every aspect of the brand and its history. Physique plays an important role you have to be slim and sleek because the competition is too high. According to the type, recognize how you can fit yourself in that type. Victoria’s Secret wants you to shine your personality through modeling. Models should be lean and in shape, it is the utmost need for Victoria’s Secret models. After then apply through a modeling agency as stated above.

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