How to become an Air Hostess

How To Become An Air Hostess

If you want to learn “How to become an air hostess and what is the work of an air hostess?” then this article might be beneficial for you.

Pursuing a career as an air hostess is the dream of many, especially girls. To become an air hostess, you should be perfect in different aspects. While the job of an air hostess is considered the most lucrative, it requires hard-core efforts. As an air hostess, you get an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and explore different cultures.

 To become an air hostess, you must be physically and mentally hale and hearty. You must have the discipline to approach people and deal with problems calmly. Of course, a person who can speak more than one language and is fluent in English would be preferred in this field. Apart from this, you must have attentive behavior and an attractive personality. 

How to become an Air Hostess
How to become an Air Hostess

 There are certain restrictions in this field and you should know all of them before applying.

 If you want to pursue your career in aviation, then you should understand the air hosting jobs. An air hostess is an employee in the airline whose primary duty is to provide comfort and facilities to the passenger after takeoff and up to the landing. If you want to learn how to become an air hostess, keep reading this blog post till the last.

 How to become an Air Hostess

 To become an air hostess, a professional university or other education degree is not mandatory. Secondary school education is all that you need. Candidates can select from three different routes.

 1. Candidates can apply to aircrew training after passing their 12 standards.

 2. Candidates can apply to aircrew training after graduation.

 3. Candidates can directly apply after graduating in hospitality and tourism.

How to become an Air Hostess
How to become an Air Hostess

 How to become Air Hostess after 12 standard

After passing the intermediate, you can do a certificate course, diploma, or degree courses.

Air hostess degree courses

 To become an air hostess after 12 standards, you should join air hostess training from a reputable board. To fetch admission, you have to pass the entry exam. Some private universities offer a seat without taking an entrance exam based on your board score. Some of the reputable academies are.

  •  Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (IGIA)
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • Optima Air Hostess Academy
  • Pacific Airways
  • Universal Aviation Academy
  • PTC-Aviation Academy
  • Livewell Academy
  • Centre for Civil Aviation Training 

Air Hostess certificate courses and diploma

There are several courses for diplomas and certificates available for cabin crew. Aspirants can take any of them as the beginning of their aviation career. The duration of the diploma degree is about one year and for a certificate degree, it is six months to one year. These aviation centers develop several skills, such as Aircraft comprehension, passenger supervision, handling of problems, and technical education (basic aircraft operations, safety protocols, etc.). Here are some reputable Aviation training institutes.

  • Jet airways training academy, Mumbai, offers a cabin crew diploma of one year.
  • YMCA, New Delhi, offers a diploma in Air hostess, travel, and airport management for one year.
  • The Bombay flying club College of Aviation in Mumbai offers a diploma in cabin crew for one year.
  • YWCA, New Delhi, offers a diploma in Air hostess, cabin crew, and hospitality for one year.
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training gives a certificate in aviation, hospitality, and travel management after 11 months of training.
  • Aptech Aviation Academy gives a certificate in cabin crew after eight months of training.

 How to make career in Air Hostess

To learn how to make career in air hostess you need to have certain skills. 

Skills required

  • Good communication skills.
  •  Problem-solving approach.
  •  Have patience and tolerance towards the passenger.
  •  Have polite behavior with the elderly, children, and sick people.
  •  Develop calm behavior during an emergency, such as mechanical problems, air turbulence, and engine failure.
  •  Have skills to deal with culturally diversified individuals.
  •  Have the right mental and health conditions to cater to long-hour duties, hectic tasks, and extended flights.
  •  Have the ability to work in a team. 

Restrictions to become an Air Hostess.

While becoming an air hostess might be promising for you, there are some limitations on the eligibility criteria of selection. Although it may vary in different airlines, here are some examples.

  1. To become an air hostess, you must pass the medical checkup
  2. You must be between 18 to 21 years old.
  3. Your height should be 5ft to 5ft 2inch. However, it may vary between different airlines.
  4.  As air hostesses, it demands a satisfactory fitness level to support passengers in moving luggage.
  5. You require a valid and legal passport.
  6. Some airlines want you to live near to your base.

 Air hosting jobs

There are several Air hosting jobs available in India as well as abroad. Some of the top recruiters are:

  1. Indigo Airlines
  2. Spice Jet
  3. Qatar
  4. Air India
  5. British Airways
  6. Lufthansa

 What is the work of an Air Hostess?

The duty of an air hostess starts before the takeoff and continues throughout the flight up to the landing. The principal responsibilities of an air hostess are listed below. 

 Pre-flight duties

  •  Give brief pre-flight instructions.
  •  Informed the crew about the details of the flight, for instance, the flight’s schedule
  •  Make announcements for diabetic patients, infants, and sick people to ask for their requirements.
  •  Ensure safety protocols and hygiene of aircraft.
  •  Ensure that all meal stock and necessary foodstuff are on board.
  •  Give a courteous welcome to the passenger and direct them towards their seats.
  •  Ensuring passengers about the airline protocols and informed that all of their belongings are secure safely.
  •  Ensure that all passengers are wearing seat belts.
  •  Once the passengers are onboard, guide them about the emergency procedures.
How to become an Air Hostess
How to become an Air Hostess

 Onboard duties

  •  Answers to the queries of all passengers during the flight.
  •  Keep them updated about the aircraft situation and ongoing announcements on account of the pilot
  •  Serving refreshments, beverages, and foodstuff to the passenger.
  •  Manage onboard crisis.
  •  Ensure the health and safety necessities of the passenger throughout the flight.
  •  In emergencies, air hostesses should reassure passengers so that they tail emergency precautions and stay calm.

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