How to gain Instagram followers

How to Gain Instagram Followers: 7 Proven Ways to get real audience

In this article, we will be discussing how to gain Instagram followers. If you want to launch a new brand or want to be famous very soon, then Instagram is the best platform for you. To get to this point you need to have significant and engaging followers who share your content with their friends and family.

But attracting people and gaining followers is not an easy part. So first to grow on Instagram we must have followers but the main question is how will we gain followers?

There are many ways to increase Instagram followers, such as buying followers or there are some websites where they gave you mini-tasks to complete and in return, they will give you followers. But all those methods give you temporary satisfaction as these followers are not real. so always try to grow Instagram followers organically. Even if you get fake followers they will not be of any use or even worst your account will be restricted later on.

1. Plan of approach:

According to recent research, Instagram has surpassed other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter in many countries.

Now a day, Instagram gain so much popularity all you need to increase your followers is to make an appropriate plan to achieve your goal.

For this, you have to ask a few questions yourself.

  • Which group of people do you want to target the most?
  • How much time will you give to your Instagram account?
  • How will you make your post attractive?

After answering all these questions now, you know the plan, strategies, and target on how to start and grow Instagram followers organically.

2. Make reels to grow Instagram followers organically

As you know, recently Instagram has launched a new feature called Instagram reels. In fact, now, they also allow ad monetization through reels.

How to gain Instagram followers
How to gain Instagram followers

If you want to make the best out of it you need to keep in mind a few things before posting a reel:

  • Use of appropriate hashtags.
  • Your hashtags should match and describe the video you’re making.
  • Post your own content. It should be engaging and creative for your target audience.
  • Make reels on trending affairs.
  • Reels should be short of less than 30 seconds in duration.
  • Try to Post at least 2 reels per day. of course, you can post even more than that.

Not only can you add reels related to your page but you can also increase Instagram followers by uploading videos on topics that are trending.

3. Write suitable captions:

As your post is very important to draw the attention of followers, an appropriate and suitable long caption also plays a great role in seeking the attention of the reader.

For making an interesting caption better you need to focus on the following things:

  • Try to communicate with your followers by asking questions on your Instagram stories.
  • Write all the details related to your post.
  • Add fitting emoji to make your caption attractive.
  • Use hashtags related to your post.
  • Use the maximum number of hashtags related to your post or try to hashtag viral topics.

If you post with these things in mind, your post will become popular and you will start getting traffic on your Instagram account very soon.

4. Contest and free gifts:

If you want to grow your account instantly, you need to be very active. You should engage with your follower’s answers their queries. Give them good suggestions and announce giveaways and free gifts to the winners.

For a contest first, you need to decide the following things.

  • An attractive base image that will pull the audience to the post.
  • Trending and viral images to gain attention.
  • Choose the Duration of Your Giveaway.
  • Select the giveaway entry requirements. Here you can ask them to follow your other accounts and like, comment, and share your recent post.
  • Select a worthy reward that attracts your audience.

This is the best and easiest way to attract new followers to your growing account instantly.

5. Target the related age group and gender:

It is important to keep in mind what age group or gender you are targeting. If you have this in mind, you can achieve your goal effortlessly.

For example, if you are posting something related to games then your targeted audience would be young age males and if the post is about beauty products then most of the viewers would be females.

Not all posts are related to this but age is considered an important aspect in gaining followers.

According to the research in April 2022, it has been seen that people between the age of 18 and 34 use Instagram a lot with the majority of them being females.Keeping in mind the stats, you should post content that will attract the group of people who uses Instagram habitually.

6. Share your Instagram handle to other accounts:

How to gain Instagram followers
How to gain Instagram followers

The best way to attract people to your Instagram account is to make it easier for others to find you.If you have other accounts on any other social media handle where you have a large number of followers then you can easily divert them to your Instagram account by sharing links or giving a bait or some reason so they will be attracted to your profile.

You can easily get attention by doing the following things on other platforms:

  • Increase your content production, the most essential point in gaining followers.
  • Post on the basic needs of the people.
  • Post on different pages about the detail of your Instagram account.
  • Communicate with people that are posting the same content as you.

Before posting about your Instagram account somewhere else first, you have to make sure that you will also post content on those accounts so that if someone clicks the links or visit your profile they will get attracted and start following you.

7. Collaborate with brands and influences:

This is the best way or you can say the shortcut way for making your profile grow and increase Instagram followers. You can collaborate with friends and family who run the same type of account.Recently Instagram added a new feature which is “Instagram Collab”. In this feature, a single post can be seen in two different accounts. Followers of both accounts can like, share or comment on the post. Make sure that the account you are collaborating with has the same kind of audience as you.

How to gain Instagram followers fast

If you are a newbie and want to know how to gain Instagram followers fast then you are at the right place. In our research, we analyze that people who post daily content are likely to grow fast on Instagram. Try to post at least one picture, video, or reel if you have a decent following but if you have less Instagram following you should post 2-3 posts per day related to your page. Another successful way to gain Instagram followers fast is to make videos on trending and viral topics and fit your content in these trending topics and get the limelight.

How to increase fake followers on Instagram

To increase fake followers on Instagram you need to search for third-party services that generate fake Instagram followers. There are different packages for fake followers ranging from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars depending upon the number of followers you want. These providers give you fake followers but sometimes they access your account and post things that might cause trouble to you. Other than that, it can affect your reputation as people can sense when your follower count jumps from a hundred to thousands or from a thousand to a million.

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