How to learn Hindi fast

How to learn Hindi fast

Do you want to know how to learn Hindi fast?

Do you want to earn how to speak Hindi fluently?

Learning a new language is challenging for a non-native. But if you want to learn it faster, you must be devoted and consistent in achieving your goal. After learning Hindi you can communicate with over of billion people.

Hindi is the mother tongue of India. It is the language of millions of people and the world’s most spoken language along with English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, Indonesian, and Portuguese. Within India, many languages coexist, such as Punjabi, Marathi, and Gujarati. All these non-native speakers adopt Hindi as their common language.

In this article, I would list different ways How to learn Hindi fast and how to speak Hindi fluently.

How to learn Hindi fast Bollywood movies

1. Watch Bollywood movies

Watching movies gives you a fun route to acknowledge the Hindi language and also keeps you motivated. Watching movies is the best way to learn any language because you can learn and enjoy simultaneously.

2. No use of articles

No definite or indefinite article in the Hindi language. Instead, the word used for a singular noun “One” is “Ek.” For example “ek phone” means “a phone”, “ek ghr” means “a house,” and “ek ghanta” means an hour. 

3. Learn conjunctions first

Conjunctions words like and, but, and or are used repeatedly in the Hindi language as or, lekin, and ya. These are the frequently spoken words in Hindi. To learn Hindi fast it is better to have a good command of these words.

4. Use Google spreadsheet

Keep a digital record of every word, phrase, or sentence you learned and you are willing to learn. It makes it easy to review and memorize.

5. Use Google translator

It is the perfect tool to learn Hindi fast. But you shouldn’t dependent completely on this tool because it is not 100% correct. Only use it as a tool to learn pronunciation and translate difficult words.

6. Formal and informal words

There are three different levels of formalities in spoken Hindi, such as app, tm, and tu. They are used to address someone such as the word YOU. 

App is more formal and used when talking to a stranger and the elderly. It is used to show respect. 

Tm is used while talking to friends and people of your age and tu is the least formal way of addressing someone maybe you can use it when talking to your best friend. 

7. Learn to respect

In Hindi, the translation for yes is “han” and for no is “nahi.” To give someone respect while responding yes or no the term “Ji” is used along with “han and nahi” as “han ji” and “nahi ji.”

8. Verb order

In Hindi, the subject-verb and object sequence is different from English. In a sentence verb usually comes after an object. The structure of the sentence is Subject+object+verb.

9. Use of double verbs

The infinitive verb in Hindi is usually and as “na” for instance, “to do” is spoken as “karna” and to go is spoken as “jaana.” In Hindi, the structure of sentences is different from English. It includes double verbs like parhai karna, to study and dance krna, to dance.

10. Learn Hindi nouns

Nouns like the name of a person, place, object, or animal. All these nouns have male or female words. Remembering both versions of nouns is important for better conversation and grammar. Words that usually end on aa are male while words that end on ee are used for females. For instance, the noun for the word boy is larkaa and for a girl is larkee.

11. Learning pronouns 

Pronouns, such as I, she, he, it, they, and we are an important part of communication in every language.

Pronouns in Hindi

I: main

We: ham

You : tum/tu/aap

It: yeh

They: woh

He/she: yeh/woh (yeh is used when something is near while woh is used when something is far away)

These: yeh 

Note, in pronouns the word he or she is pronounced the same ” yeh/ woh” and there is no gender specification. It only depends on the context of the phrase.

12. Order of prepositions and possessive words

The order of possessive and prepositions are different in the Hindi language. To show possession, we use an apostrophe in English, for example, student’s room while in Hindi it is “student ka room.”

11. Learn through English subtitles

A great way to learn Hindi fast is to watch Hindi movies with English subtitles. Rather than exact translation, it gives a meaningful concept of the story that helps you a lot to learn Hindi.

Bollywood has a huge list of songs. Almost every song’s lyrics are available on their website. 

13. Buy a Hindi Dictionary 

Oxford-Hindi English is a good dictionary to learn Hindi fast. But if you need a dictionary to find a few words’ meanings then you can purchase a pocket dictionary which is easy to carry. There are many online dictionaries available on the internet, you can also check them out.

How to learn Hindi fast
How to learn Hindi fast

14. Learn through online free lectures

Many universities provide online free lessons which include audio and video lectures. You can watch them improve your Hindi. The University of Pennsylvania and North Carolina State University has multiple video lectures on Hindi learning.

How to learn Hindi fast
How to learn Hindi fast

How to speak Hindi fluently

If you have learned the basics of the Hindi language like pronunciation and structure but are stuck to implementing them in a conversation. There are some ways you can improve and learn how to speak Hindi fluently. 

  • You can learn by conversations with a native speaker who is ready to correct your mistakes or you can learn from a tutor.
  • Watching Hindi movies and songs would be a great help.
  • You can also visit India to interact with other native speakers.

How to learn Hindi at home

You can learn Hindi at home by practicing each day for about an hour. You can practice words, nouns, pronouns, and verbs by doing daily exercises of sentences. You can watch Hindi movies and dramas. You can also learn at home from online content available on the internet, YouTube, and Netflix.

How to learn Hindi fast
How to learn Hindi fast

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