How to write a Biography

How To Write A Biography

In this article, you will be learning how to write a biography and how did JK Rowling writes Harry Potter. Let’s take look at it one by one.
Whether you are aiming to become an author, want to write a biography assignment, or need to write a professional biography, you need to write it with precision and accuracy.
No matter if you are writing to publish a book or maybe for a Hollywood documentary. Writing biographies is a moneymaking business. They are not only published for the famous ones but they are written about someone who lived an extraordinary life.
While writing a biography isn’t a piece of cake. So, first, we should understand what is a biography?

How to write a biography
How to write a biography

What is a Biography

 A biography is a written document authored by a third person, usually on the life events of a famous person. The content is not limited to his education, money, relationship, house, and death but includes a person’s struggle, achievements, and personality. To write a biography on someone you need their consent and involvement. While writing a biography ensure that it should be demonstrated accurately. 

Tips to write an inspiring biography

  • Do thorough research on the person’s life and write the life events in the order they occurred.
  • Remember, a biography is about the subject not about the third person, so try to write in their words but with your writing style.
  • Write the biopic with 100% accuracy but it should be winning and inspirational for the readers.
  • If you did get all the resources, try to change the subject.

How to write a biography

A biography aims to inspire and motivate the readers with the remarkable accomplishments of one’s life. Their struggle, ambition, and success.

Before starting to write a biography you need to choose a subject for the biography. After selecting your subject do research every aspect of their life then start writing a biography. Take a look at how to write a biography in easy steps.

Step 1: Select your subject

First, you need to select a subject. It doesn’t affect the pattern of biography whether the subject is alive or dead. Either way, the procedure will be alike. Chose a subject that is interesting enough to connect with the reader. Ask yourself whether the person in your biography has any evocative impact on society or not. You need to gather information about their life experiences, relationships, and achievements.

Categories of subject

There are different kinds of people related to the different industries of work, such as Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and non-famous people.

Step 2: Take consent from the subject

After choosing your subject, take consent from the subject. If you are writing about someone dead you need to grant permission from their family and close ones.

In case, you are writing a biography on a celebrity, ensure that your writing is unique and stands out from others as there is high competition in this niche. It is not mandatory to take consent when writing about celebrities. Many biographies are written without consent.

If the subject doesn’t allow it you have to respect their statement and if you write without consent you will be accountable for legal action by the subject.

Step 3: Do thorough research of the subject’s life

Besides knowing the stories by them self you can use primary and secondary sources. Primary sources can be their written document, new articles published on them, and video recording. While secondary souses are usually obtained from other documentaries, articles, and analyses written by someone else who doesn’t know the subject in person.

Step 4: Choose a format for the biography

Choose a chronological order to write the life events, starting from childhood to adulthood. Also, mention any event that happened which has an impact on their life. For instance, a world war or any catastrophic event. You can also arrange your biography by major events of life.

Step 5: Create a biography outline

It is important to outline so that you can easily put together all the information. Outline each chapter and make a thesis, after that add every detail in the chapter to support the thesis. Highlights life events that are significant.

Step 6: Complete the first draft

After formatting and outlining the biography, write the gathered information in an inspirational tune. Connect to the reader so that they can engage. Make it interesting with the flavors of your writing style. Relate to the theme in every chapter or section. Write in chronological or whatever format you selected earlier.

Step 7: Editing

After making the first draft, edit it. Make sure every aspect whether it is written in chronological order or followed by significant life events. It must follow the theme of the biography. It should inspire the reader. After completing the first draft take a second opinion from the subject.

How to write an Autobiography

Learn how to write an autobiography. An autobiography is authored by the first person on his life events usually with the assistance of a ghostwriter. To structure and write an autobiography the order is almost the same as a biography.

  •  The first step is to gather all the relevant life events that might be engaging and inspire the readers.
  •  Do ask your friends, family, and colleagues to help you write something that you might be missing in a particular part of your life.
  •  Create an outline. Add compelling sections or chapters in your autobiography.
  •  Write the first draft after you gathered all the necessary elements for the written task.
  •  Edit and proofread the whole biography.

How to write a short story outline?

Writing a short story outline is about choosing a great and interesting story.

  • Discover the idea of an interesting story. 
  • Set a goal for your story.
  • Make an interesting beginning to stick the readers till the last.
  • End the story with a boom.
How to write a Biography
How to write a Biography

 How did JK Rowling write Harry Potter?

It is written, in her biopic, that J.K. Rowling got the idea to write Harry Potter while she was traveling to London. She was a bookworm since childhood and wrote her first book when she is 6 years old. She wrote seven books in the Harry Potter series within five years. She received many tributes and rewards for Harry Potter. The book was published in 80 different languages with millions of copies have been retailed worldwide.

how to write a biography
How did JK Rowling write Harry Potter

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